Horror and Dark Fantasy in the Modern Age

Welcome to the world of Dark Horror.

Those who enter have been ripped from the banal and have been forced to face the dark and terrifying truth.

The Gods of old exist.
Monsters really do stalk the Earth.
And Magic is as real as gravity.

The game world of Stranger in the Dark incorporates both ancient mythology and modern folklore. Characters and lore from modern fiction exist in this world as real people, though often in a re-imagined form. For instance, members of the Ghostbusters, from the 1984 movie of the same name, have reappeared in this world though they have parted ways since university. Monsters and characters from the work of Clive Barker also appear, as Harry D’amour attempts to teach a young mage the way of the art and a mysterious gold and black lacquered puzzle box falls into the wrong hands. Egg Shen of John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China also appears as well as Sam Raimi’s Deadites from the Evil Dead films.

The game is meant to deal with both the most advanced of technologies and the most ancient of magics. Player characters will encounter powerful cabals of power hungry politicians, cults of mages worshiping long lost Gods, and creatures who have stepped fully formed from the pages of mythology to stalk the land of mortals in search of prey.

Meet the NPC’s
Harry D’Amour
Lorraine Warren
Egg Shen
MSG Winston Zedmore, Ret
Abigail Blake

Stranger in the Dark

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