Stranger in the Dark

Chapter IV

"Wait, what about chapters 1 through 3?"

Just so we’re caught up…

Our friends have gathered at the new safe house in upstate NY at the bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Warren and their old accomplice, Harry D’amour. The Warren’s famous stash of occult paraphernalia had been carted up here in a pair of moving vans, to be stored in the new safe house’s basement.

The house was a large three story stone colonial with a two story barn also on the property. The barn seems to have a converted loft living space built in and is wide enough to be a three car garage. The main house’s second floor boasted 5 spacious bedrooms and two full baths. The third floor had been converted into an apartment and library for one of the Warren’s guests.

Quickly upon arrival, the party met a mysterious woman named Abby who had apparently been staying at the house. After the visibly troubled woman spoke with the Warrens, our party was sent on a hasty mission.

With little preparation and less information, the crew departed down the street to investigate some very strange phenomena. A theft from the safe house and the disappearance of some locals led the party to a large trailer park adjacent to a decrepit church and graveyard.

After some poking around (and a very disgusting discovery), the party has made their way toward what they have to assume is the source of the area’s recent occurrences. A small church undergoing some sort of construction seems to have some activity within. The party makes their way to the back of the church and discovers a hatch leading down into an earthen basement. As they discover this, strange music begins to blare from somewhere in the basement. As the gang looks back to the trailer park, they see a mob of nearly one hundred trailer park dwellers shambling toward them, apparently in response to the horrid music. Leaping into certain doom, (and total darkness) the gang comes face to face (so to speak) awful flesh-less beasts brandishing rifles in the gloom! Beyond the monstrosities lie the source of the unholy music and the twisted wizard who has set this whole vile tableau into motion! Our heroes vanquish the magician, destroy the strange musical device built into the walls, and retrieve the stolen artifact.

As the music is cut out, the locals head back to their homes, shaking off the hypnotic trance and seemingly oblivious to what has transpired. With the artifact in hand, the gang heads back to the safe house, for some much needed rest and much needed answers!




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