Stranger in the Dark

Chapter V

"Ok, so what the fuck just happened?"


Part 1

“Abra Macabre!”

The party is introduced to Abby Blake. During the mid nineties, Abby was a stage magician partnering with a man named Donovan Neff. She explains that Donovan learned that Abby was performing real magic to help the show and wanted desperately for her to teach him magic. Though she did try to show him the ways, his education didn’t take and he grew jealous and impatient. Studying on his own, Donovan learned how to call and bind dark spirits to his service. What he didn’t know was that the dark spirits were allowing him to think he commanded them while they were busy claiming Donovan’s soul for themselves. The would be magician eventually lost control and Abby was forced to intervene. She attempted to exorcise the spirits, though they had become too powerful for her to control and Donovan died during the ritual. Briefly fending off the malicious energies, Abby fled to the hallowed ground of a local temple and has been running from the dark spirits ever since.

Part 2
“A Strange Case of Ignacio Villarosa”.

Through Harry and Abby we learn that the wizard the party met in the earthen basement of the the church was Ignacio Villarosa. According to D’amour, Ignacio would have been unlikely to have become as powerful as he seemed without some sort of intervention. There is also the question of where he would have come upon a device Abby called the "Calliope Catastrophique ", the device which seemed to turn the trailer park denizens into mindless zombies. These details point to the unsettling idea that Villarosa had been assisted by a powerful outside force. Exactly who or what remains to be seen…

Part 3
“Charon’s Story Time”

As the party recovers from their latest adventure at the newly secured safe house, they receive a visit from a very unusual guest. The elderly taxi driver once introduced as “Ron” at Silverhand’s Tavern, has arrived with Liam, who had been sent to the emergency room for burns. The taxi driver has finally been revealed to be Charon, a “Walker Between Worlds”, or usher for souls from the mortal world. Charon tells a story about a man who had lived in 1864 near the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota. David Hastings was found to be living with a native Dakota woman by some particularly violent enemies he had made during the US – Dakota War. Hastings had been beaten nearly to death and the cabin he and his lover, a young, native girl named Samaya, lived in was burned to the ground with Samaya trapped inside. Left to die in the wild, Hastings dragged his broken body through the forests where he was finally discovered by a local medicine man. According to legend, the medicine man (perhaps a God in disguise) offered Hastings a deal. He could live out the rest of his days with the spirit of his lost love in peace if he took up the mantel of “The Revenant”, a Walker Between Worlds.

Part 4
“The Guardian Spirit” or

The ease with which Ignacio Villarosa’s men were able to break in and steal a valuable artifact from the Warrens’s upstate home troubled it’s resident, Abby Blake. This was, of course, before the Warren’s had invited Harry and his friends to stay there but the gang still felt it best if there was some physical protection for the house. Luckily, Abby discovered a powerful protection ritual, the key component for which could be found in a nearby ruin…

The Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane was once a psychiatric hospital run by New York state. Although it is a National Historic Landmark, it’s been in a serious state of decline since the early 2000s. As part of the treatment philosophy of the time, some of the country’s best architects were involved in the design of the hospital, including Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, the duo who created Central Park and did the grounds here.

Vaux was said to have gargoyles and other Gothic statuary imported for the design aesthetic of the hospitals buildings. One of these, Abby believes, contains a long dormant guardian spirit which she can reactivate and use to protect the new Warren house. This of course means that the gang was forced into breaking into the abandoned hospital and find a sample of the stone…

The whole facility is gated off and is patrolled daily. The hospital consists of at least 15 different buildings with multiple patients wings, a criminally insane ward, a modern-style recreation center, morgue, powerhouse, chapel, theaters and its own railroad line.

After finding secret access to the grounds, the gang is forced to deal with small, invisible, malevolent creatures which attacked from the ruins and were able to fly. After chasing these creatures off, the group is beset upon by a whirlwind of confusion, causing Ivan to pull his gun on his allies and sends Liam wandering off. Clearly under the effect of some spell, the team breaks free of this mind altering power and finally makes it to their destination, an administration office. But as they enter, they come upon a gruesome scene of fresh blood, bullets, and bodies on the floor, one of which is still alive.



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