• Kyle Guillen

    Kyle Guillen

    Upstate New Yorker, modern day lumber jack, likes his beer cheap and his women country...
  • Abigail Blake

    Abigail Blake

    Former stage magician with real magical talent, now hides from mysterious forces that hunt her relentlessly.
  • Egg Shen

    Egg Shen

    Chinese Magician
  • Harry D'Amour

    Harry D'Amour

    Part detective, part wizard, up to his eye balls in the occult!
  • Lorraine Warren

    Lorraine Warren

    Elderly, self professed Demonologist, fights evil with husband and partner Ed
  • MSG Winston Zedmore, Ret

    MSG Winston Zedmore, Ret

    Reluctant director of the new US Goverment program called VRSUS. Former Army NCO forced into retirement, now spends his time slowly building the United States only official defense against the shadow world.