Kyle Guillen

Upstate New Yorker, modern day lumber jack, likes his beer cheap and his women country...


Male, late 20s, Almost 6 feet tall, stocky muscular frame, short brown hair always covered by a baseball cap. Went to college right out of HS, it never took was too busy with family business and outdoor fun. Has always been a adventure seeker, loves to hike fish and hunt, with a bow of course. The Timber Company out of Amsterdam NY, Guillen Timber has been his main job for a decade. Where he learned to run every piece of equipment and use the old and new equipment to clear a land of trees. Has always had a strong awareness of odd things, strange dark places in the woods, old burial sites, or haunted places. Kyle would always see things on the edge of his vision or hear noises no one else heard. It was mostly blamed on the beer though…

As of late, his mother went out of her mind, she was keeping a dark secret from the family. She is likely the reason that Kyle can hear and see more than most. Well the Timber company had a few set backs, was getting looked at from a few odd groups. Mother and a few others came up dead, including a not so “dead” half-brother. With people looking into his involvement he decided his best course was to stick with Harry and the Warren’s as long as they will have him.

Kyle Guillen

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